The Virden Indoor Rodeo and Wild West Daze has established a Horseman’s Hall of Fame to honor local horseman who have made an outstanding contribution to the equine industry as breeders, competitors, committee members and in countless other ways.

This year’s recipients are Darryl and Faye Horn of Bel Clyde Farms.

Darryl comes from a family steeped in horsemanship. His parents Ken and Elaine Horn showed a Clydesdale 6 horse hitch and when Darryl and Faye became Equine Ranchers in 1983, the Clydesdale breed was their primary focus. They added Belgiums to the brood mare band as they were easier to source. Thus, the name Bel Clyde Farms.

In the early years Faye spent hours in the barn helping tend to the mares on the line. As their children Carlanna, Crystal, and Brady grew, they joined their parents’ doing chores.

They began showing a 6-horse hitch of Clydes mainly in Manitoba and Saskatchewan and continued that endevour for much of 20 years.

Faye drove a team in Ladies classes but preferred her role as a barn person.

As Clydesdale breeders, Darryl and Faye take great pride in the success of other exhibitors showing horses raised at Bel Clyde Farms. Over the last 30 years virtually every major Clydesdale hitch in North America has at one time or another include horses bred by the Horns with one of the major customers being the renowned Budweiser hitches.

To highlight only a few of the successes others have had with Horns raised horses- the champion gelding team at the 2011 Clydesdale World Show were raised at Bel Clyde Farms. Three of the mares in the Champion Mare 6 horse hitch at the 2015 Clydesdale World Show were raised by Darryl and Faye and that hitch was again named champion at the 2018 show.

But in addition to being a successful breeder and exhibitor, Darryl’s draft horse knowledge has been utilized as a judge and a ring steward. He has judged over 70 shows stretching from Monroe Washington to Frederickton New Brunswick. He has acted as Ring

Steward at countless shows including 2 World Congress shows held in Brandon. He and Faye have been on the organizing committee of shows such as the Virden Draft Horse show and the Clydesdale Classic at Austin Thrashermans Reunion.

For the last number of years Faye has owned the Virden Flower Attic and Gift shop and has provided corsages for the honorees at this event.

The award is presented tonight by Virden Indoor Rodeo and Wild West Daze president Thomas Hagan and was crafted by Kelly Lyng

Thank-you to Silver Hills Percherons, the Spud Strain family for providing the team and carriage for our ceremonies. They were driven last night by daughter Maddy and tonight by son Dillon.