Betty Joseph started showing horses with her parents and grandparents when she was young. In 1959, she married Jim Joseph.

Thinking it would be a good investment, in 1965 Joseph applied for an Equine Ranching Contract; her sons are operating under the same contract today.

With the death of her husband in 1970, and four children under 10 ten years to raise, Joseph relied on the equine contract and her cattle herd.

“Betty along with her mom, dada and helping hands kept the farm viable and growing,” wrote her son, Gordon Joseph.

In 1972 Joseph began breeding percherons.

In 1982, Joseph added a herd of purebred Simmental cattle into the farming business.

Over the years, Joseph traveled extensively to many horse shows often purchasing horses, several of them champions.

Joseph was a member of the Elkhorn Agricultural Society, the Elkhorn Chamber of Commerce and several other local organizations.

And, in later years, she still found time to cheer on her grandchildren at hockey, soccer and baseball games and
4-H functions.

Betty Joseph died on July 4, 2004.



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