Riding in the carriage to accept on behalf of Wilf Dryden were his daughter Dode Millions of Medicine Hat, AB; sons Bud Dryden and Ray Dryden both of Virden; granddaughter, Trudy Campbell of High River, AB; while the outriders were great grandsons Joe and Charlie King of Lenore. Absent was he brother Doolie Dryden of Cloverdale, BC. The cart was drawn by teamster, Mr. Daryl Horn.

Wilford Dryden was born February 8, 1896, in a log cabin. Wilf was the fourth child born into a pioneer family with eitht children; whose lives greatly depended on their horses. For his fifth birthday, Wilf received his first horse, Alley. With Alley, he learnt much about horsemanship, discipline and care. As a teenager, Wilf’s nature driving ability became very evident. Often the yound lads in Lenore District were challenging each other to road races and Wilf won his shae. His pals soon nichnamed him Scotty after the leading harness driver in the US. This name stuck and later in life Wilf was still referred to as Scotty by his old friends.

Wilf had a good eye for a horse. He knew what they could do and even better, he knew what they would do for him. Net and Barney – a favorite team were well known to out-pull and out-work many other teams. Due to the hard times, Wilf developed is many liniments and home remedies for his horses. His white liniment was successful and used by many horsemen. When farming practices changed and became more mechanized the draft horses began to lave the fields and enter the show ring. Close neighbors, Don and Ken Brown have often mentioned Wilf’s knowledge and advice was always welcome for their great Percheron horses. Once, while at a fair, the Brown brothers needed an extra teamster and Wilf considered it an honor to drive their horses.

Wilf’s interest then turned to the harness horse industry and Standard breds. He owned and trained several competitive race horses such as Trudy Uldine and Champ’s Boy – both home-bred. For many years, he and Roxie went off to the races with a big smile and a spring in their step. They raced throughout Western Canada with their family, enjoying success and happiness. Wilf continued to train and race his beloved Standard breds to the age of 80. Due to his knowledge and love for the horse he has lived on through is generations. Wilf was a great family man. He and Roxie raised their family much the same way as their horses.



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