It’s Rodeo Time folks!!! We are back with the 32nd edition of the Virden Indoor Rodeo & Wild West Daze. After two years away I believe this years rodeo is a very special one to the community. Some towns have their music festivals and others have their fairs, but in Virden we have the rodeo and it’s one of the best for miles. It has been sorely missed but we are back and ready to give this town the rodeo weekend it wants and
deserves. Once again we have had overwhelming support from the sponsors. Look around, there will be banners on the boards, flags flying in the arena, commercials on the big screen and ads on our social media pages. The businesses and famillies that support this event make it all possible and we can’t thank them enough. Our volunteers have like always, shown up in droves to put this event on. You will see the
navy blue Virden Rodeo shirts all over the arena and all around town during the weekend. It takes an army, and we have one!!! The volunteer hours would be impossible to add up and there isn’t enough time in a day to personally thank each and every one of you, so one thank you will have to do and it’s a big one, THANK YOU! This years entry in the
rodeo is once again a great one, highlighted by over 40 local entries. This really is a “rodeo town.” So good luck to all the contestants this year and I hope everyone enjoys this weekend as much as I will.
Welcome back to the Virden Indoor Rodeo & Wild West Daze, LET’S RODEO!!!

Thomas Hagan
Virden Indoor Rodeo & Wild West Daze